6th Grade Boys Basketball

6th Grade Boys Basketball


Tough loss for Sturgis Trojans 

South Haven 16  Sturgis 10
Our young Trojans spent Saturday morning battling two tough teams in Allegan.  They first faced South Haven, putting on a strong defensive effort led by Kaicee Kyle, and keeping the game to under 20 points for a team that came back from a 15 point deficit the previous game,  but an unfriendly rim prevented them from taking advantage of their solid defensive output. Sturgis was led offensively by Gavin Lewis's 8 points and Julien Lambright's 2 points

Allegan 44  Sturgis 13
Offensively Sturgis continued to battle the bucket along with the tough defense of Allegan who were hungry for a win from their loss to South Haven.  Playing back to back games, our Trojans found it tough to continue their defensive groove.  Offense was often stymied as they struggled to find holes in the Allegan defense.  Gavin Lewis led in scoring with 9 points, followed by Kaicee Kyle's 3 pointer and Gage Pedue's single free throw.from the stripe.

Next game is next Monday the 25th of November!

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