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This was a great season for 8th grade volleyball, they won a total of 9 out of 11 games and had some great games. The team got 3rd at their Dune Tournament on September 28, and played great. The team worked great together as a team and on their own. Player Citori Kosmerick say "I think the team improved a lot as the season went on" and Adison Nettleman said " This 
season i made some great friends". The coach, Mr.Wolbert said "The 8th grade girls finished the season off very strong winning their final matches. This season offered lots of growth both on and off the court for the girls. They excelled in the classrooms, the community by volunteering to paint hydrants, and on the court ending the season with a winning record. We are looking forward to their continued success in the sport in their coming years" That was the season story.

Anna Schmidt had some great hits and serves at the games
Adison Nettleman was a great sport at all the games and played great
Harlie Blum got some great hits in and was not scared to dive for the ball
Vivienne Merchant had some great spikes during the season and did a great job tipping the ball


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