Trojan Times Jr.

Middle School Mural?
Here at SMS, our very own Art class is working on a mural! Our sources tell us all positive things about what they hope about this vast project. The project was formed by the two seventh grade students, Natalie Nandau and Shaira Manjabin. Shaira is also known well as ''Cabbage".

Cabbage states that she loves the concept of Abstract and contrasting art, while they both love colorful design. Collectively they decided to include a large rainbow.

" We really just wanted to show meaning and feelings with our art." Natalie says, "And thus we wanted a positive message."

 Mrs. Wilber, our SMS art teacher, described what led up to this. "We were learning about Bansike, a famous mural artist."

we can't wait to see the final results!

Conferences have arrived!

How are your grades? Well, if you want them higher, be sure to get your papers turned into your teachers by their preferred deadline. End of the marking period is next Friday, October 26th.

Although most have time until Friday, some do not! 

Conferences start at 3:30-7:30 after school on Wednesday and Thursday the 16th and 17th.

The gym has been set up for use, so bring your parents and make the all A's club! We hope to see lots of kids on that list, a lot of perks are involved. 

At the end of the year however, there will be an awards assembly. Everyone will walk across the stage, and revive honors. be sure to get ready!