Guess the person


In this section we show you pictures of students, teachers, and other things around the school, but we don't show you a direct picture of them.

 If you think you know who it is or what is is, then go outside Mr. Schau's
room (115), and put your first and last name, grade, the date you wrote it, and what you think it is on a sticky note and then stick it on the wall next to his door.

 If you're right, listen for your name on the intercom, on Friday.

 Then, you will walk to Mr. Schau's room, and he will hand you a Pride ticket.

 But only one person in each grade gets to win, we have 1 picture a week

 To get to that picture go to guess the... tab to the left.  

 We hope you enjoy our

Please put First name and last 

name, grade and date.



6th, 7th, 8th graders, teachers, and rooms. 

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We post pictures ever week so you can guess who this person is in own school if you don't know then make you best guess and maybe you will get it right.
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