Opinion article


'Yes I think we sould, because if you didn't have your phone, you wouldn't be able to ask parents questions as opposed to asking the office. It would be helpful so you know that your kid is safe, instead of a teacher telling you, your child can. We should be able to have phones at least in homeroom, electives, and 7th hour.' Kali Evens wrote. while she opinionated positives of having them in some classes, other students may disagree. as Carter Wallace states, 'Yes we should use technology in school for research. However, we should not have phones because kids' can Text,Call, and Play Games. We shouldn't be allowed use it for Snapchat,Instagram,Facebook, And Twitter. Another reason why they would be a problem is because it distracts kids,makes them not concentrate, and it makes them not want to do anything; That is why I don’t think electronics should be aloud except for computers and other things should be for research.' Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if you don't agree with others, don't argue. You are right, and so are they, Opinions have no facts, you can't be right, nor wrong. Just respect each other. Thanks for reading.