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What are some of the arguments on school uniforms?

Well, there is really only two sides to this idea. School uniform, or no school uniforms.

"I think school uniforms are not one of the best things for kids these days. One reason why I think that is because kids like to express themselves by wearing their own type of clothes. Another reason is because kids may not like the style of uniform or some might get bullied about it. " Maria Pavia says,"There are a few examples of why I think kids shouldn't wear uniforms for school."

As she is against uniforms, Donna counters her statements by saying, "
Proponents say that school uniforms make schools safer for students, create a "level playing field" that reduces socioeconomic disparities, and encourage children to focus on their studies rather than their clothes When you read about schools around the world, 86 percent of those surveyed support school uniforms. School uniforms create equality. When students have dressed alike, that unhealthy competitive feeling about who looks best is eliminated. Studies have shown that school uniforms decrease peer pressure and bullying. Why? Students are all wearing the same outfit. It doesn’t matter if they come from high- or low-income homes. No one stands out in the type of clothing they are wearing.
  Reason 2. School uniforms reduce crime. It is easier to keep track of students and what they are carrying into the school. Intruders on campus can be spotted, and the design of the uniform helps ensure student safety. When students can wear baggy clothes and are not in uniform, who knows what they are carrying underneath their clothes? 
Reason 3.School uniforms instill pride, unity and school vanity. When wearing uniforms, students often feel more “important” since they belong to a group.  Uniforms give a sense of belonging, and a code of conduct is imposed on the student. Uniforms foster community spirit. In schools in Japan, many educators have found that when students wear uniforms, they feel more professional and behave accordingly.
Reason 4.School uniforms make it easier to get ready for school. No more worrying about what to wear! Students can quickly put on their uniforms and get to school on time. Time can be better utilized for other activities rather than choosing out what outfit will look best. One of the best reasons for school uniforms? No more arguing about what to wear in the morning!
Reason 5.School uniforms prevent administrators from being dress code police. Schools who do not have require school uniforms, do have regulations on what types of clothing is allowed. There are rules regarding visible logos, modesty, insulting writing on clothing as well as gang symbols and colors. Because of dress codes, teachers and administrators are not clothing monitors. Monitoring clothing is avoided when students are in uniform. No longer does the administration need to track what everyone is wearing. Overall, I believe schools should have uniforms."

 Although these two both have great reasoning, there is an endless supply of opinions on this particular topic.

Do you want uniforms at schools? Why or why not?